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On Page Optimization Topics
Keywords Research & Analysis
Title Tag Optimization.
Meta Tags Optimization
Bold Tag Optimization
Headings Tags Optimization
Hyperlink Optimization
alt tag attributes in Images
Broken links analysis & correction
Creation & Optimization of HTML Site Map
Content Optimization
Google Analytics Installation
Yahoo Analytics Installation
Bing Analytics Installation
Off Page Optimization Topics
Search Engine Submission
Link building
Article Creation
Article Submission
Directory Submission
Blog Creation
Blog Commenting
Social Book marking
Social Networking
Content Creation
Video Submission
Forum Posting
Hub Page Submission
Press Release
RSS Feed Submission
Squidoo Lens Creation
Google Adword
What is Keyword Research & Analysis ?
Keyword Research is one of the important factors when you are doing SEO or promotion of your website. This is the first step towards web promotion. In simple words keywords are the words or phrase which people use to search in search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing etc. (for example if user searches SEO Company in search engine then SEO Company is called as search term or keyword)
In the world of www there are lots and lots of keyword used by users for different purpose in search engines, that’s why whenever you started your web promotion you have to choose right keyword for your website or business, Wrong keyword selection decreases your business as well as increase your bounce rate of website. I will explain it by small example of keyword selection. Suppose you are doing business of replica sunglasses or duplicate sunglasses and you select keyword like Rayban sunglasses “Then think what happen” In this condition the user comes to your website through keyword rayban sunglasses, But he can’t find rayban sunglasses on your website, He found only replica or duplicate sunglasses and then finally if he can’t find rayban sunglasses he closed your website and in this way he increase your bounce rate.
How I choose Keyword for My Business
Selecting Keyword for your Business website is not a simple and easy procedure, But Google Adword Keyword Tool will help to find out the keyword for your website. The procedure to find out right keyword through google keyword tool is very simple, just think about your services, Open google keyword tool, Type the services in google keyword tool, write capcha, and google keyword tool give you suggestions for your services.
I will Explain it by below example Ex- I am doing business of SEO and my SEO services is divided into some other services like keyword research, forum posting, Blog posting, Search Engine Submission, Directory Submission, Link Building etc. I just have to write this keywords in google keyword tool and this tool shows me the result for these keyword. These results contains monthly visits for keywords. With the help of this tool you may able to know that how much people search for your services or keywords.
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